Bar.B.Q Masala بار بی کیو مصالحہ


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A very well dish from the MB Pice Foods kitchen is barbeque masala. After years of trial and error and much travel, we decided it was now time to share our recipe with the world. Your barbecue will never taste the same way again, we guaranty it.

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One of the principle Barbecue (Bar.B.Q) Masala medical advantages is the way that it can enhance absorption in the body. It isn’t prescribed for individuals experiencing acid reflux and acidity. In any case, the ginger present can go about as a magnificent stomach related and thus can even be utilized to handle corrosiveness. The ginger present in the Barbecue (Bar.B.Q) Masala is likewise greatly useful for reducing queasiness. Different fixings, for example, cinnamon and cloves, likewise enhances the counter bacterial nature of the stomach tissues and henceforth makes assimilation less demanding.


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